Gregg and Kayla met about 5 years ago and as they started dating, their friends and family knew there was something special about the connection between them. They are comfortable and at ease with each other, and you can just see the spark when they look at each other. They make each other laugh, share inside jokes and banter, and have a wonderful group of family and friends who support them. Throughout the day we heard countless stories of the different ways they are perfect together.

Gregg, a firefighter and paramedic, proposed to Kayla last summer and as they began wedding planning, they knew they wanted their wedding to be a reflection of what was most important to them. Kayla is a project manager for a Portland design agency, and grew up on a beautiful property in Camas, Washington. Because they were both born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, they decided to celebrate their love with an intimate wedding and reception at Kayla’s family home. The home that served as a place for so many moments and milestones throughout Kayla’s life now holds her most cherished memory: her wedding day. 

The wedding was filled with laughter, tears, hugs and sweet moments. There were special touches, and everything was either a DIY project or a family heirloom. During the toasts Kayla's sister remarked that she remembered how when she and Kayla were children they would stare up at the stars from the loft in the barn imagining what their lives would be like. How amazing that the place where Kayla dreamed of her future would be the place that she started on a new adventure with her husband Gregg.