There are many beautiful milestones in our lives, and it's so special to have photographs as a keepsake to relive those memories over and over again - it's so true that a picture really is worth a thousand words! When Dane reached out about photographing his Columbia River Gorge Secret Proposal to his girlfriend Roxane (now his fiancee!), I was so thrilled to be part of such a unique and intimate moment at Bridal Veil Falls. Since my time is typically spent as a Wedding, Elopement & Engagement Photographer, it's really fun to mix in different types of photography sessions, like a Columbia River Gorge Secret Proposal! I had a wonderful day hiking into the Gorge, meeting Dane and Roxane, and capturing such an special milestone in their lives. 

Dane and Roxane live in Arkansas and have a love for travel, adventure, and the outdoors, often planning trips throughout the year to explore new places. They coordinated a post-holiday trip to Oregon, and Dane knew it was the time he wanted to propose. Delays in travel and weather, plus creatively keeping everything a secret from Roxane, presented a few challenges, but as Dane and I messaged plans to each other throughout the week, everything came together for a beautiful Columbia River Gorge Secret Proposal at Bridal Veil Falls. 

Dane told Roxane there was a waterfall they just had to see as they travelled through the Columbia River Gorge. He had messaged me to share what they each were wearing, and I was positioned by the waterfall to capture the secret proposal and Roxane's reaction. I had suggested that the couple take some iPhone photos so it would give us time to get in position, and then I offered to take one for them so I could help Dane navigate away from the crowd for the Columbia River Gorge Secret Proposal. Roxane later told me she thought I was strangely nice to offer to take all these iPhone photos, and then she couldn't have been more surprised when Dane got down on one knee and asked her the big question at Bridal Veil Falls.

Roxane was overcome with emotion and excitement, and immediately said yes as she wipe away tears of joy. Now engaged, I hiked with the couple around Bridal Veil Falls, taking photos and enjoying the scenery on this gorgeous winter day. We were so lucky to have just missed the rain for this Columbia River Gorge Secret Proposal. 

Thank you so much for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy this lovely Columbia River Gorge Secret Proposal at Bridal Veil Falls! -Angelina